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Remote Working Environment

Remote access service
Fast, easy and safe remote working
Wherever and whenever

Remote Working Environment

Remote access service
enabling fast, easy and safe remote working
wherever and whenever

DESKTOP+Plus Outlines

DESKTOP+Plus Strengths
  • 1. Leads the industry in remote control connection speed
    AIR’s own unique, superior driver technology, Virtual Remote Video Driver (VRVD), data compression and high frame rate technology combine to enable smooth remote control as if you operate directly.
  • 2. A wealth of deployment experience and solid support structure
    AIR’s proven record of more than 500 successful deployments is testimony to the reliability and stability of our service. Dedicated and able support staff will help you from installation to operation.
  • 3. Strong security and encrypted communication! Top level security standard
    In addition to the usual ID/Password two step authentication, youcan chose One Time Password authentication method. Tight security is enabled via AES 256Bit encryption, strong SSL network communication security, which can forbid file transfers and screen captures, permission of remote printing, password level setting, overseas IP block and remote screen lock, etc.
  • 4. Accessible from any device, from any location and at any time
    The user can access the office PC from iPhone/iPad or Android devices. No data is left on the device.
  • 5. Highly customizable, with various function controls
    File transfers, screen captures, remote printing and connection permission setting by MAC address can be set to be permitted or not, per user and per machine. The additional function to limit active time can help manage user’s work hours.
  • 6. Remote power on/off enabled – allowing greater freedom to leave the office
    The user can turn off the desk PC and leave the office, as Remote WOL will allow it to be powered on remotely.

DESKTOP+Plus – Product Details

DESKTOP+Plus will …

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