Information leak from email attachments – a management challenge?

Email Security

A server-side solution for email scheduling,
automatic compression and encryption of
attachments / prevention of emailing errors

Email Security

Solution for email scheduling, automatic compression and encryption of attachments, and
server-side prevention of emailing errors

WISE Attach Outline

1 WISE Attach is a client agnostic server-side product

You can use any email client to benefit from WISE Attach’s functions of encrypting attachments, delaying and blocking email deliveries. Operated by the Information System team, it is bother-free for users.

2 Delayed delivery – emails are held for a time, to prevent emailing errors

3 Automatic zipping and encryption / Web download option

The web download function for attachments separates the attachment from the body text at the time the email is sent, delivering the email with the the text and an additional message. The email recipient will receive another email containing an URL and a password to access the attachment. ※FULL edition must be purchased for use.

<Scenario 1> Encrypt emails sent externally with an attachment

WISE Attach can be configured with various rules, enabling a flexible operation according to your organization’s internal policy.
You can see examples of emailing error prevention scenarios, that incur the least burden on email administrators and users.

Internal Policy:
Attachments to emails sent to an internal address to be sent without encryption, and attachments sent externally to be automatically converted to a zip file with a password.
The decryption password to be effective for one time only.

Rule to set:
Encryption Rule

<Scenario 2> Hold emails sent externally by specific persons

External emails from members of the General Affairs department to be held (waiting) for 5 minutes before being actually sent.
If the sender’s tool does not execute a delivery command during the waiting time, the email will not be sent, and will be discarded.

Rule to set:
Wait Time to Send Rule

<Scenario 3> Reject sending if the sender’s manager’s address is not in cc/bcc field

Internal Policy:
External emails from members of the Marketing department will be permitted to be sent as long as the manager’s address is included in the cc or bcc field.
If the manager’s address is not in the cc or bcc field, the email will be rejected for sending.

Rule to set:
Block Rule

<Scenario 4> Set aside attachments to emails addressed to specific companies. Encrypt for other companies.

※FULL edition must be purchased for use.
Internal Policy:
External emails with attachments to be normally encrypted before sending.
However, if the recipient is a long standing customer, A Company Ltd, for example, the file should be set aside for downloading via web access.
The password agreed between the companies will be used always, in this scenario.

Rule to set:
Encryption and Storage Rules


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