Information leak from printed matter – a management challenge?

Print Management

Print management solution that saves source documents to ensure security and reduction of cost

Print Management

Print management solution that saves source documents to ensure security and reduction of cost

WISE Print Outlines

1 Ink and Toner cost reduction

Just install on user PCs, to let WISE Print adjust ink and toner usage, generating a saving of as much as 75%.
WISE Print enables various print settings, including multiple page, double-sided and monochrome. Preview window will help check for errors and remove unnecessary pages, to reduce paper usage as well.

Run cost reduction simulation to estimate savings

See here for details on how ink/toner reduction can be achieved

2 Prevention of unnecessary printing and unclaimed printouts by QR code printing

User name and computer names can be printed as watermarks or as QR codes, to influence user psychology to reduce unnecessary and unauthorized printing and incidence of unclaimed printouts.

See here for more details on how watermark printing can help control unnecessary/unauthorized print jobs

3 Effective control of unauthorized printing by the knowledge that print logs are kept and originals are saved

When documents are printed, print information such as print images, text info, and print logs are archived.
As texts included in the printed matter and logs can be searched, and print images can be recovered, it is possible to track the origin and timing of each print job (who printed what when), which discourages unauthorized and unnecessary printing.

See here for more details on how originals are archived

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[Print Management] challenges will be resolved in an instance with the following three solutions from AIR!

WISE Print is a Printed Matter Management solution that controls inappropriate/unnecessary printing, and reduces consumption of paper and toners. It will reduce printing costs and improve related security for your organization.
ScrewDrivers is a Print Management software, that renders the integration of printer drivers to Citrix and RDS environments unnecessary. It will resolve print delays and printer management issues.
Simplify Printing is a Virtual Printing product, that centralizes the management of printer settings across thin clients, zero clients and multi-devices across virtual application environments and virtual desktops.


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