Too many Excel spreadsheets to create… slowing you down?

Big Data Integration

Re-use your existing Excel files! Java application built with BIRT Spreadsheet Engine’s DLL

Big Data Integration

Re-use your existing Excel files! Java application built with BIRT Spreadsheet Engine’s Development Library

BIRT Spreadsheet Engine

BIRT Spreadsheet Engine – Essentials

<Resolves the problem of repetitive creation of large numbers of Excel spreadsheets>
BIRT Spreadsheet Engine helps office staff and management find solutions to:

– Improve efficiency of daily Excel spreadsheet creation in large numbers
– Improve productivity, reduce the workload for office staff

  • Strength 1: BSS automates Excel spreadsheet creation
  • Strength 2: BSS provides Excel-like finely detailed formatting and security settings
  • Strength 3: BSS can use any Excel file as a template

AIR has the knowledge and expertise acquired through experience and substantial deployment track record.
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BIRT Spreadsheet Engine Outlines

Excel-like Interface Designer

BIRT Spreadsheet Engine’s GUI tool, BIRT Spreadsheet Designer, allows you to easily embed definitions for database connection, data read process and data mapping into your spreadsheet template. There is no need for a developer to program a database connection for your spreadsheet system. The tool also allows you to link multiple data sources of different types and use them as a data set.

Wide range of APIs to create Java applications to generate Excel files

BIRT Spreadsheet Engine and API provide an Excel file output function. You can build a system based on Java application, applet or servlet, to output Excel spreadsheets. The Excel sheet output can be downloaded to the desktop for the end-user to process the data with ease.

– Generate Excel (xls and xlsx)
– Convert to PDF, HTML and text formats
– Set document format
– Execute numerical operations
– Insert various objects
– Print

Re-using existing Excel files

As Java is able to read from your existing Excel files, migration will require minimal steps. You can also reuse Excel files that were in use in your existing system, thus leveraging your legacy assets, reducing the effort needed to design templates in Java.

Excellent compatibility with Excel and visual capability

Many Excel features, such as the pivot table and security settings with password, are available with no difference.
Moreover, 2D and 3D graphs from Excel can be output to JPG, GIF and PNG files. Option settings for graphics are simplified by the use of intuitive, Excel-like point and click operations, to add graphs, set formats and specify data binds.
In addition, an image map is generated automatically, which enables drilling down from graphs and image data to other reports, graphs and sources of information. As JSP graph API is provided, there is no need to write any Java code.

– Wide range of graphs and charts (vertical and horizontal bar, area, line, pie, scatter, doughnut, bubble and stock)
– Insert images and texts
– Outline
– Auto-filter
– Hyperlink
– Pivot table (created either via the Java application or BSS Designer)
– Macros

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