For those who want to protect their companies and employees from the risk of misdirected e-mails

Email Security

Alerting errors before emails are sent
No dedicated server needed. A simple Outlook plug-in that prevents emailing errors

Email Security

Alerting errors before emails are sent
No dedicated server needed. A simple Outlook plug-in that prevents emailing errors

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Why is it necessary to take countermeasures against e-mail misdirection?

When an e-mail misdelivery occurs, the company is overwhelmed with responses such as apologies and requests for deletion of the e-mail, which interferes with the original business activities, and furthermore, risks a loss of trust in the company.

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By implementing e-mail misdirection countermeasure products, you can protect your company and employees from these risks.

WISE Alert, an Outlook add-in to prevent accidental misdirects

WISE Alert is an Outlook add-in that is effective in preventing accidental sending of e-mails by enabling users to check information such as sender, recipient, and attached files at a glance on a pop-up screen displayed at the time of sending.

Add-in type, so it can be implemented without changing the mail delivery route.

In addition to the anti-mistake function, PPAP countermeasure function and incoming mail countermeasure that alerts the user to suspicious e-mails are included.

Can be deployed from a few departments, and only the necessary number of licenses can be purchased and used.

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WISE Alert combines three essential functions for modern business e-mail.

  • Countermeasure against misdirected e-mails: Checks e-mails before sending with a pop-up display, and supports inter-company misdirected e-mails.

  • PPAP measures: WISE Alert supports SharePoint, OneDrive, and Box. Automatic ZIP encryption can also be selected.

  • Incoming mail countermeasure: Notifies you of suspicious mail that has passed through the filtering system.

  • Simple anti-message misdirection tool. Since it is installed on the client (Outlook), it can be easily used in cloud e-mail environments such as Microsoft 365 and Exchange Online.
  • It can also be used when you want to quit PPAP but also want to use automatic ZIP encryption. Anyone can easily share files by creating a non-PPAP email using the same procedure as usual.
  • Alerts are displayed for suspicious e-mails received to alert the user. Whether you want to report a suspicious e-mail or issue an emergency announcement, you can do so with a single operation in Outlook.

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Do you have any of the following problems with e-mail misdirection countermeasures?

They feel that there are limits to countermeasures against erroneous transmissions that rely on people, such as double-checking and information security training.
We want to reduce the number of “Oh no!” but don’t want to put as much burden on the customer to check the data before sending.

WISE Alert can help…

In the pop-up screen displayed when sending, you can check information such as the sender, recipient, and attached files at a glance. Cases of sending all at once in Bcc and putting the recipient in To or Cc, wrong address, wrong attachment WISE Alert alerts the sender to frequent human errors, such as sending emails by mistake.

Internally standardized methods for sending attachments, etc. I want to use email.
I want to unify the rules for sending emails to overseas subsidiaries.

WISE Alert can help…

The enterprise version allows operation according to the rules set by the administrator. Forcibly send depending on the program that monitors add-in disabling, the destination, and the attachment of an encrypted ZIP file, etc. Since it has a transmission restriction function that can be canceled, even employees who are teleworking and overseas subsidiaries can thoroughly enforce the rules for preventing erroneous transmissions.

Thinking about moving away from PPAP*, but security I’m worried. I don’t want to spend time on installation and operation.
Do not attach files, link to file sharing services Although we introduced the operation of attaching the

WISE Alert can help…

A handy and secure PPAP alternative is the file link sharing feature that works with file sharing services. You can work with SharePoint, OneDrive, and Box. With the file link sharing function, the attached file is automatically uploaded to the specified service after creating the email as usual, , so the email creation procedure is almost the same as before. By reducing unfamiliarity, continuous and effortless operation is possible. It also has an automatic ZIP encryption function, so it can be operated according to the needs of the destination.
※PPAP…Psend zip encrypted file with assword – send Password – AEncryption – P Abbreviation for protocol.

We want to stop Emotet and other malware attack e-mails, business e-mail scams, and phishing e-mail scams from getting through our filtering system.

WISE Alert can help…

The system can detect fake addresses and suspicious e-mails that have been cleverly forged, and display a “red light” on the Alert screen upon receipt or before sending, so that the user will be aware that he/she has been directed to an unauthorized address.

If an employee receives malware or other attack mail, the suspicious mail reporting function can immediately report it to the administrator.The administrator can also display a mandatory alert to prevent a second victim.

Use only the necessary functions, low cost I want to introduce it easily.
I want support services after installation.

WISE Alert can help…

Only the necessary functions can be activated, so you can operate according to your needs. If the features you want to use change, you can change them freely at any time. Since it is a low-cost add-in type product, it can be easily introduced from small to large users.

I would like to introduce/propose countermeasures against erroneous transmissions at government offices.
We would be happy to offer a special price.

WISE Alert can help…

One of the most frequently seen erroneous transmissions in government offices, public corporations, and organizations is to put the address that should be sent in Bcc in To or Cc and broadcast. With WISE Alert, you can easily take measures against erroneous sending without introducing an e-mail delivery system.
special prices are also available for public organizations such as government offices, educational institutions, medical institutions, etc., so you can introduce it at a low cost.

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