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Personal Information Protection Policy

AIR Company Limited (“AIR”) commit to the policy set out below in order to protect the personal information of our customers, with regard to our Product and System Solution business operations.
  • o We handle our customer’s personal information (“Personal Information”) in accordance with our company rules and strive to protect Personal Information appropriately.
  • o We specify the purpose of utilization of Personal Information within the bounds of our business operations, and acquire, use and provide Personal Information fairly and reasonably within the limits that are necessary for achieving the specified purpose.
  • o We state our purpose of utilization when we ask our customers to register their Personal Information.
  • o We do not use the information for any purpose other than the purpose of utilization agreed at the time Personal Information is registered.
  • o We do not disclose or provide Personal Information to a third party except if required by law.
  • o We take appropriate measures to prevent loss, destruction, tampering and leakage of and unauthorized access to Personal Information. We take appropriate remedial action if an incident arises.
  • o If we outsource the handling of Personal Information to an external entity, we prevent its leakage and transfer by a Non-Disclosure Agreement, and perform appropriate supervision.
  • o If a customer wishes to check, update or remove their registered Personal Information, we will process the request without delay.
  • o Should a customer make a complaint against the handling of Personal Information, we will act on it without delay.
  • o We maintain Personal Information that is correct and up-to-date.
  • o We comply with laws and norms that apply to the protection of Personal Information, maintain the policy set out above, and also maintain and improve management rules and structures related to the protection of Personal Information.
  • Changes to Privacy Policy

  • o AIR Privacy Policy is subject to change without notice following an enactment or revision of the law, or in order to enable better protection.

Established 2017/6/30
Revised 2019/4/19
AIR Company Limited
CEO Takeshi Mori

Personal Information Contact Point
Personal Information Protection Manager, AIR HQ Management Department Manager
Tel 06-6368-6080

Personal Information – Types and Uses

  • o Purpose of Utilization of Personal Information
    The section below sets out the purpose of utilization of Personal Information which we handle in our business activities.

<1> Retained Personal Data

Types of Personal Data Purpose of Utilization
Business information Work management, communication, invoicing and payment management
Customer (User) Information Provision of information related to our products, seminars, training and other events; provision of maintenance support service, and management of product usage
Employee Information Employee management (work, labor relations and talent management; pay and benefits, etc.)
Job Applicant Information Recruitment (provision of information for recruitment, decision to hire or otherwise, and job offer communication, etc)
Ex-Employee Information Communication with ex-employees, responding to requests for information from ex-employees
Sole Trader Information Talent management, labor relations management, employee benefits, and marketing
Requester Information acquired via Contact Us Responding to requests for information and quotation
Survey Information Responding to surveys and improving our service
Requester and Agent Information (applying for disclosure of information, etc) Responding to requests for disclosure of information, etc
Other purposes of utilization in addition to above, as stated separately in writing.

<2> Other Acquired Personal Data

Types of Personal Data Purpose of Utilization
Acquired through contracted work Contractual purposes including communication, execution of work, and after care, etc
Vendor Skill Sheet Development of contract business
Acquired through job advertising sites Decision making and communication on hire or not to hire

Disclosing Personal Information – Processes

(1) Name of the operator handling Personal Information
AIR Company Limited

(2) Personal Information Protection Manager
Personal Information Protection Manager: AIR HQ Management Department Manager
Tel: 06-6368-6080

(3) Purpose of Utilization of the Personal Information to be disclosed
The same as the Purpose of Utilization for Retained Personal Data

(4) Method of request for disclosure
Please first contact the Contact Point below by telephone or email when you wish to exercise your right to request for disclosure of Personal Information. When we have received your request, we will send you a form (Retained Personal Data Disclosure Request Form) to your specified address. Please fill in the details in the form, enclose a copy of your ID as described below, and send it back to us.

(5) Requester identification documents
Please enclose a copy of one of the personal identification documents below, with your request for disclosure for Personal Information.
An official certificate with photographic identification, such as a driving license, passport, residency card, etc.

(6) Method of disclosure
When we have processed your request for disclosure and other requests, we will send the result in writing by registered post to the address stated on the personal identification document. Please note that we cannot respond by telephone.

(7) If disclosure is not possible
For requests for disclosure of Personal Information noted as exceptions in the articles and paragraphs of the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, and in cases where precise personal identification is not possible, we may decide that we are not able to comply with your request. In such cases, we will notify the reason in writing to the requester or the agent.

(8) Handling fee
Kindly acknowledge that there will be a charge of JPY500 for each request for notification or disclosure of purpose of utilization. Please enclose stamps or postal orders to the correct amount when sending your request.

[Contact Point]

Contact Point Name Personal Information Contact Point
Contact Details Contact Point Administration: AIR HQ Management Department Manager
Address: Senriyamanishi 5-31-20, Suita, Osaka Prefecture
Tel/Fax: 06-6368-6080/06-6368-6081

Personal Data acquired via Contact Us

(1) Operator
AIR Company Limited

(2) Name, role, department name and contact details of Personal Information Protection Manager (or acting person)
Personal Information Protection Manager: AIR HQ Management Department Manager
Tel: 06-6368-6080

(3) Purpose of Utilization of Personal Data
o Request for quotes and other information/User registration for downloading evaluation product
– Replying to your request
– Providing information about AIR products and services and marketing activities
– Providing latest information about AIR and notification about our seminars, industry shows, etc
o Request via AIR Website
– Providing information on AIR business activities
– Other, for necessary communication as required
o OB/OG Visit request sheet
– Recruitment activities

(4) Disclosure of Personal Data to third parties
Personal Data is never provided to a third party unless required by law.

(5) Outsourcing Personal Data handling
We may, from time to time, wholly or totally outsource the handling of Personal Data, only in so far as it is necessary for the execution of the outsourced work, and with an information security agreement in place that includes provisions related to non-disclosure of confidential information. It is forbidden that the outsourced party use or provide Personal Data for purposes other than the execution of work outsourced from AIR.

(6) What happens if Personal Data is not provided
Providing Personal Data is optional. Please note that there may be cases when we are not able to accommodate your request for information, due to missing Personal Data item.

(7) Disclosure of Personal Data requested and Contact Point
We respond to requests from customers regarding their own Personal Information retained by us, for its disclosure, notification of the purpose of utilization, correction, addition or removal of its details, termination of use, deletion, and termination of transfer to third parties (“Disclosure, etc”).
For the contact point for Disclosure, etc, refer to the details in the section below on complaints and inquiries related to Personal Data.

(8) Acquisition of Personal Data by means that are not easily recognizable by the first party
We rely in part on cookies, web beacon and other methods (*) that are not easily recognizable by the customer, to acquire Personal Data. We may collect history and other statistics such as visit counts of our website, for example, by these methods.
We do this in order to improve our website accessibility and usability, not for identifying or tracking the user.
(*) A cookie is a method used by the web server to temporarily write and store data via the browser on the visitor’s computer. A cookie is not a program. It cannot be executed on its own, nor does it contain any computer virus.

(9) Action for safe management of Personal Data
We take necessary and appropriate measures for the prevention and remediation of leakage, destruction and damage, and for other safe management of acquired Personal Data.
We internally delete acquired Personal Data after use.

(10) Personal Information Protection Policy
See Personal Information Protection Policy section (Privacy Policy) on our website.

(11) Contact point for complaints and inquiries related to our handling of Personal Information.

[Contact Point]

Contact Point Name Personal Information Contact Point
Contact Details Contact Point Administration: AIR HQ Management Department Manager
Address: Senriyamanishi 5-31-20, Suita, Osaka Prefecture
Tel/Fax: 06-6368-6080/06-6368-6081


AIR is PrivacyMark Certified

We manage all personal information we handle in compliance with JIS Q 15001 Personal Information Protection Management Systems – Requirements, thereby providing a safe environment from which to serve our customers.

Certification Details

o Registration Number20002494 (01)
o Applicable StandardJIS Q 15001:2017
o Registration Date2019/11/20
o Assessment BodyKIIS (Kansai Institute of Information Systems, General Incorporated Foundation)

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