Printing from the cloud – problematic?

Print Management

Printer management solution for challenges in remote printing – via the cloud or in virtual environment

Print Management

Printer management solution for challenges in remote printing – via the cloud or in virtual environment

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ScrewDrivers Outlines

ScrewDrivers dramatically improves the speed of network printing

In a typical virtual environment, print jobs take longer, due to the time needed for data caching.
But ScrewDrivers caches only part of the data and reduces printing time.
It also employs Tricerat’s compression technology to compress print data between the terminal server and the client, to a maximum of 1/100 of the original volume. This eases stress on network traffic and reduces print time dramatically.

ScrewDrivers prints grid lines correctly

Skewed rows and lines are a known issue with spreadsheet printing in normal virtual environment.
ScrewDrivers will not let you down with skewed grid lines, as it uses a native printer driver.

ScrewDrivers prints images without degradation

In a typical virtual environment, lossy compression* of image data necessarily results in degradation. For example, you may find that fine details of an image may be rendered illegible in the printed output.
*lossy compression – a compression method that loses data during the compression process
ScrewDrivers employs lossless compression*, enabling print without image degradation.
*lossless compression – a compression method that avoids data loss during the compression process.

With ScrewDrivers, you can use any printer, regardless of terminal server support

An ETL infrastructure is enabled, building and operating a data mart, capable of integrating various data sources such as files and databases that may be found in different locations in your organization. It integrates data of different structures, by shaping, processing and aggregating them at high speed.

With ScrewDrivers, you can select the printer you require fast

In a typical virtual environment, a printer cannot be used unless supported by the terminal server.
ScrewDrivers makes all client printers available to the server, so that the user is free to use any desired printer. Each printer`s extension functions are all made available.

ScrewDrivers allows you to keep the same printer name for all jobs

In a typical virtual environment, the printer name will change each time it connects to the server.
With ScrewDrivers, the user can set the same printer name for all print jobs.

[Print Management] challenges will be resolved in an instance with the following three solutions from AIR!

WISE Print is a Printed Matter Management solution that controls inappropriate/unnecessary printing, and reduces consumption of paper and toners. It will reduce printing costs and improve related security for your organization.
ScrewDrivers is a Print Management software, that renders the integration of printer drivers to Citrix and RDS environments unnecessary. It will resolve print delays and printer management issues.
Simplify Printing is a Virtual Printing product, that centralizes the management of printer settings across thin clients, zero clients and multi-devices across virtual application environments and virtual desktops.


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