As the era of personal computing dawns, AIR enters the market with the development of the relational database for NEC`s PC8000.
With the coming of the age of UNIX, AIR obtained a general agency agreement with Unify (USA), and led the market with the development and sales of Japanese Language version of Unify.
First Unify OEM contract agreed with Sumitomo Electric Industries.
Contract agreed with QSP to develop a Japanese language version of Q-Calc.
Contract agreed with Networkinnovation to develop a Japanese language version of Multiplex.
Roppongi Office opened. Our marketing hub in Tokyo.
Cofounded TWIN SUN INC (US). Los Angeles office opened.
Contract agreed with Hunter, to develop a Japanese language version of XDOS.
AIR HQ relocated to Kitahama, Chuo-Ward, Osaka.
Started sales of Unify 2000 and Accell/SQL.
Founded Unify Japan, jointly with Sumitomo Electric Industries, Unify (USA) and AIR.
Started sales of Inter-calc.
Started sales of OFFICE2001.
Synchronous with the general availability of the internet, developed in-house and started sales of AIR MAIL, an advanced E-mail software, supporting state-of-the-art IMAP4 and MIME protocols.
Started sales of Multiplex Windows.
AIR HQ relocated to Senriyama, Suita, Osaka.
Started sales of AIR MAIL-MAC version.
Started sales of Unify Vision.
Founded Actuate Japan jointly with Actuate (USA), developed and sold Actuate Japanese language version, a web reporting tool.
Partnered with Trend Micro to develop InterScan VirusWall, a UNIX server model virus wall. Started its sales as Master Reseller.
Started sales of AIR MAIL PLUS and WebMan.
Started sales of AIR MAIL 32bit version.
Started sales of downloadable PC software.
Started sales of client servers supporting AIR MAIL IMAP4.
Partnered with Itochu Techno-Science Company Ltd (now Itochu Techno-Solutions Corporation).
Leveraging our experience in UNIX, DBMS and internet, started contract business with major telecommunication operators in server application development.
Started sales of WISE Walker, an email system supporting the web and IMAP4.
In recognition of WISE Walker`s security features and versatility of its platform, OEM supply agreed with NEC. Product sold as MobileWebMail.
Developed and started sales of WISE Audit, a message filtering and archiving system, thus enhancing AIR`s WISE family of messaging solutions.
OEM contract for WISE Audit agreed with NEC.
OEM contract for WISE Audit agreed with Hitachi INS Software Ltd.
Started sales of an all-in-one security appliance, FortiGate.
Master Distributor contract agreed with Unify (USA), for a J2EE conversion solution for enterprise applications. Started sales of J2EE application platform, Unify NXJ.
Started sales of SQL auditing solution, Guardium (formerly known as SQL Guard).
Master Distributor contract agreed with Guardium (USA), as a security measure for major databases vendors.
Started sales of an appliance product, WISE SAbox200.
Developed and started sales of AIR WISE Key, a SPAM repellent solution.
Started sales of an integrated email ASP service, with WISE Audit at its core. Also started to deliver WISE Mail service for individual users.
Developed and started sales of solution for preventing emails being sent in error, as WISE Attach (server side), and WISE Alert (PC side).
AIR’s System Solution Business Division certified for conformance with ISO/IEC27001, Information Security Management System (ISMS).
Started sales of a unified communication platform, CommuniGate Pro.
Started sales of IT-ECO range of products including WISE Print, SURVEYOR and GreenPrint, and other new products, X/Server and Propalms.
Developed WISE Encrypt.
Started consultation for product architecture for Talend.
Released a renewed version of WISE Attach (FULL edition).
Started sales of and service for the cloud solutions MezeoCloud and AnyClutch Remote.
Started sales of WISE Sync.
Started sales of WISE Print Print Log Audit.
Started sales of Tango free version.
Started providing WISE Sync in open source (GNU AGPL).
NTT Software Ltd (now NTT TechnoCross Corporation) deployed WISE Encrypt.
Started sales of Tango Pro Version.
Started sales of WISE Gateway.
Started sales of WISE Audit eDiscovery Option.
Company restructured. Product Business Division renamed as Product Company, and System Solution Business Division renamed as System Solution Company.
NTT Software Ltd (now NTT TechnoCross Corporation) incorporated WISE Encrypt Tokenizer Library, in their cloud security protection product.
Started cloud storage encryption service, airDrive powered by WISE Gateway.
Partnership agreed with B-Stage Limited, following which, started sales of their products, Web Researcher Type-J, Self Director, Inforsight and Xima.
Started sales of user profile management solution, Simplify Profiles.
Started sales of 365 Search (formerly known as WISE 365 Search).
Takeshi Mori appointed as CEO. Yoichi Kitayama appointed as Chairman.
Following transfer of business from Cyberlinks Co. Ltd, started offering remote control service, DESKTOP+Plus.
Started sales of document-oriented database, MongoDB.
Founded a new company, AIR System Solution Company Limited.
Started sales of Data Science/Machine Learning Platform, Dataiku.
Started cloud service, WISE Cloud.
Started sales of Email security cloud service, 365 Alert.
Started sales of Email audit service for Microsoft 365, Audit One.
  • Started providing cloud-base Email archiving & auditing service, WISE Audit as a Service.
  • Started construction support service of Data Platform, Snowflake.
  • AIR Tokyo Office relocated to Toranomon, Minato-Ward, Tokyo.
  • Started providing Emotion Analysis AI Solution, WISE Emotional Insight.

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