How can you better support smart phone operations and off-site work?

Remote Working Environment

Operator access to the user’s screen
Remote support for PC, mobile devices and off-site issues

Remote Working Environment

Operator access to the user’s screen
Remote support for PC, mobile devices and off-site issues

RemoteCall Essentials

RemoteCall is ideal, not only for general customer support but also for
internal organizational needs, for offices in multiple locations, off-site work and staff working from home.

With RemoteCall, you don’t have to go to the site of issue. You can work remotely from your PC, smart phone or tablet screen or give instructions. You can provide close support, by drawing directly on the screen to point to areas on the monitor, etc, giving great satisfaction to the user receiving support.
You can reduce the time, effort and cost of travel to the site of issue, and also resolve the dissatisfaction of not being able to verbally communicate instructions successfully.

Watch Remote Call in action

RemoteCall Outlines

A single license supports all devices

As well as providing remote support for Windows PC and McOSX computers, smart phones and tablets on iOS and Android, RemoteCall uses the smart phone camera to capture and share all the information with the user in real time.
One RemoteCall license gives you access to all of these functions.

Powerful security

RemoteCall not only encrypts authentication information and data, but is also equipped with various security features to give you peace of mind.

o One time connection code – a six digit random value authenticates the user
o Recording is made with the user’s consent – remote operation is carried out with the user’s authorization
o When the session ends, the record is deleted – the PC support program is automatically deleted, leaving nothing on the user’s PC

Our track record you can trust

We are proud of our track record of more than 6,000 customers. More than 1 million users connect to our product every month.

Reliable server operation

Our base servers are installed within and outside of Japan. They are monitored and operated on a 24×7 basis, enabling stability and high connectivity.

Simple and stress-free service

Connection is simple in a few steps from the PC or a smart phone, providing smooth remote support in low spec systems and low speed network environment.

o Connect easily by inputting a connection code
Follow your support operator’s guidance and enter the connection code on the connection page. Connection with the operator is as easy as that!

o Click an icon to start support work
Click the operator icon on the connection page to get remote support started.

Easy management

Management features to restrict operator functions and to check support history are also available as standard, for use in large scale enterprise service support use cases.

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