[Case Studies] We interviewed customers and edited our findings. The table below lists them by product category. Click each product to view relevant case studies.


Email Security

High speed search at 10 million emails ps
Email Archiving and Auditing solution with proven deployment records in many large organizations


  • Konoike Transport Co., Ltd.

    Industry: Transportation / warehousing / combined services
    Scale: 4,500 accounts
    Voice of the person in charge: With the introduction of WISE Audit, in addition to auditing, internal control, and trail preservation in security incident response, efficient trail acquisition has become possible.

  • Sharp Corporation

    Industry: Manufacturing
    Scale: 24,000 accounts
    Customized WISE Audit to prevent emailing issues!

  • NEC Corporation

    Industry: Manufacturing
    Scale: 150,000 accounts
    WISE Audit chosen for its proven stable performance in large scale, high-load environment to improve auditing efficiency for 150,000 users in the group of companies. After a trouble-free roll-out, reduction of day-to-day administration workload is expected.


    Industry: Manufacturing
    Scale: 6,000 accounts
    Strengthened corporate compliance
    by preemptive and preventative measures against security incidents


    Industry: Information Services
    Scale: 1,500 accounts
    Well equipped to support future transition to cloud based email system
    WISE Audit chosen as the flexible archiving solution

  • Zenhoren Co., Ltd.

    Industry: Finance
    Scale: 1,000 accounts
    Product: WISE Audit unlimited capacity archive, single model
    Deployed: July 2017
    Email system: Google cloud emailing service

    Zenhoren was dissatisfied with the previous email hosting service which did not provide an analysis tool for archived emails and other operational features
  • License Academy Inc.

    Industry: Education Support
    Scale: 500 accounts
    Product: WISE Audit for Linux, unlimited capacity, single model
    Deployed: August 2017

    License Academy decided to deploy an archive auditing system, following issues experienced after transition of their email system to AWS, such as loss of emails due to PC faults, difficulty in handover of emails for retiring employees, etc.
  • Mizuho Realty One Co., Ltd.

    Industry: Real Estate
    Scale: 200 accounts
    Product: WISE Audit 2TB capacity, single model

    Mizuho RealtyOne, a member of Mizuho Financial Group of companies, had decided to perform routine email audits and was looking for a product that could audit emails selectively, i.e., for those which contained an external address, without additional overheads.
  • Bridgestone Software Co., Ltd.

    Industry: Manufacturing
    Scale: About 13,000 accounts
    The introduction of this product significantly reduced the time required to extract e-mails and realized an e-mail management system that can respond immediately to risk management.

  • Anonymous – electric appliances manufacturing company

    Industry: Manufacturing
    Keyword is used to search all emails received and sent in the archive
    eDiscovery option is used to audit required emails by several auditors

Email Security

Alerting errors before emails are sent
No dedicated server needed. A simple Outlook plug-in that prevents emailing errors


  • Esri Japan Corporation NEW

    Scale: 300 accounts
    Product: WISE Alert Enterprise
    Deployed: Dec 2012

    In use for over 10 years, de-PPAP in conjunction with OneDrive is just one click away.
    Esri Japan Corporation was comparing products that could prevent erroneous transmissions in the simplest and easiest-to-understand way possible.
  • Image Information System Inc.

    Scale: 68 accounts
    Product: WISE Alert Enterprise
    Deployed: Oct 2022

    Alignment with SharePoint solves PPAP problem
    Image Information System Inc. decided to consider implementing an e-mail security solution that would provide countermeasures against misdirected e-mails and de-PPAP when they implemented Microsoft 365.

    Scale: 4,200 accounts
    Product: WISE Alert Enterprise
    Deployed: August 2021

    KONICA MINOLTA JAPAN, INC. adopted “WISE Alert” which can manage of rules in bulk

  • Authense LPC. (belonging to the Daini Tokyo Bar Association)

    Scale: 245 accounts
    Product: WISE Alert Standard
    Deployed: July 2018

    Utilize “WISE Alert” automatic ZIP encryption according to the request of the destination
    Authense LPC., a law firm, has introduced “WISE Alert” to prevent erroneous email transmission and reduce the time and effort of ZIP encryption of attached files!
  • HIPUS Co., Ltd.

    Scale: 115 accounts
    Product: WISE Alert Standard
    Deployed: May 2021

    From the voice “We want to continue using WISE Alert”
    HIPUS Co., Ltd. had already used “WISE Alert” when it belonged to the general electric appliance maker group, but it became unavailable in some departments due to the change of the company structure.
  • Ootorikai social welfare corporation

    Scale: 30 accounts
    Product: WISE Alert Enterprise
    Deployed:March 2021

    Nursing care fee revision x Information leakage countermeasures-Special license is the decisive factor | E-mail usage has increased due to the fact that the use of e-mail was permitted in some businesses due to the revision of the nursing care fee in the 3rd year of Reiwa and the influence of the new coronavirus infection prevention measures.
  • Maxell Co., Ltd.

    Industry: Manufacturing / Sales
    Scale: 3,000 accounts
    Adopted “WISE Alert” as a countermeasure against erroneous transmission that does not delay business while strengthening the security level!

  • Persol Tempstaff Co., Ltd.

    Industry: Temp Staff
    Scale: 5,500 accounts
    Successfully prevented human errors in sending emails in a complex network environment in a highly productive environment


    Scale: 500 accounts
    Product: WISE Alert Enterprise
    Deployed: January 2019

    Diva Corporation is one of the leading providers of consolidated accounting software in Japan. Experiencing a few issues of emailing errors, they felt a stronger security measure was required, and looked for a suitable tool.
  • Hitachi Ltd.

    Industry: Manufacturing
    Scale: 60,000 accounts
    Completed deployment for 60,000 users, and further roll out in progress. Reduction of cost for maintenance and function enhancement of tools.


    User: 300 accounts
    Product: WISE Alert Enterprise
    Deployed: January 2019

    Japan Post Maintenance Co., Ltd. maintains vehicles and transport equipment. They felt they had a need for an email security system that could deploy a single rule for the company and reduce the load on individual users in prevention of emailing errors.
  • Wanbishi Archives Co., Ltd.

    Scale: 1,300 accounts
    Product: WISE Alert Enterprise
    Deployed: June 2018

    Wanbishi Archives Co., Ltd., a leading company in information asset management, was aware of the need to introduce an email security system capable of preventing potential emailing errors.
  • Kajima Corporation

    Industry: Construction
    Scale: 21,000 accounts
    Emailing errors cannot be fixed by training alone – deployment of a simple alert tool is essential
    Successfully reduced the risk of emailing errors by stable operation and deployment for 20,000 users

  • Yokogawa Electric Corporation

    Industry: Manufacturing
    Scale: 7,000 accounts
    Stronger management achieved at low cost, without any change to the system environment
    Risk of emailing errors has been reduced greatly, without the loss of productivity; automatic encryption function for attachments further improved efficiency

  • A2 Healthcare Corporation

    Industry: Pharmaceuticals
    Scale: 1,300 accounts
    Product: WISE Alert Enterprise
    with ZIP encryption option
    Deployed: January 2018

    A2 Healthcare Corporation is a major player in the CRO sector (contract research for pharmaceuticals and medical equipment), and is a member of the ITOCHU Corporation group of companies. They felt the need for a single company wide rule to be implemented as part of their email security policy, and considered introducing a tool to prevent emailing errors.
  • NRS Corporation

    Industry: Transport
    Scale: 700 accounts
    Product: WISE Alert Enterprise, with ZIP Encryption option
    Deployed: May 2017

    NRS were making changes to emailing software settings as a way to prevent emailing errors, but decided that they needed a stronger option.
  • AJS Inc.

    Industry: Information Services
    Scale: 532 accounts
    Product: WISE Alert Enterprise, with recipient domain identification and ZIP encryption options
    Deployed: January 2017

    AJS deployed WISE Alert as part of an email security strategy, to update previous human-error prevention training and system, to a system that allows self-checking of emailing errors.
  • Toyo Meditech Co., Ltd.

    Industry: Wholesale
    Scale: 180 accounts
    Product: WISE Alert Enterprise
    Deployed: October 2017

    Toyo Meditech was looking for a tool to prevent emailing errors as part of their information security strategy, and to introduce a uniform emailing rule for the company.
  • Rheos Capital Works Inc.

    Industry: Finance
    Scale: 65 accounts
    Product: WISE Alert Enterprise
    with ZIP Encryption option
    Deployed: January 2018

    Well known for their investment trust products Hifumi Fund and Hifumi Plus Fund, Rheos Capital Works Inc. deployed WISE Alert.

Other customers of WISE Alert include the following companies:

Big Data

Enabling Data Governance for Big Data Integrated Platform



    Industry: Retail Trade(Direct Marketing)
    Product: Talend Data Management Platform
    Breaking away from the “scratch culture” and greatly improving the efficiency of data linkage and migration processing

  • Golf Digest Online Co., Ltd. (GDO)

    Industry: Service
    Product: Talend Enterprise Big Data
    Deployed Talend as the ETL tool, as the company transitioned their entire digital marketing platform to the cloud (AWS)

  • Intage Technosphere Inc.

    Industry: Service
    Product: Talend Enterprise Big Data
    The IT arm of Intage Group, the leading market research company in Japan, deployed Talend as the ETL tool for their data leveraging platform

Big Data

Eclipse BIRT base with advanced analytics and self-service BI, visual reporting platform integrable with ERP applications


  • FUJIFILM Business Innovation Corp. (formerly Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. at the time of interview) 2015/8 posted

    Industry: Manufacturing and Service
    Product: iHub Work Unit License
    Deployed on FUJIFILM BI Direct (formerly Fuji Xerox Direct)
    The BI reporting platform, successfully improved FUJIFILM BI Direct services and reduced cost of operation


    Industry: Transportation
    Product: Actuate BIRT iHub
    Web reporting platform, supporting both fast and correct business decisions and immediate response to leads

Enterprise AI

Data science and machine learning platform – covers all processes with one UI


  • GMO Financial Holdings

    Industry: Securities and commodity futures trading business
    Product: Dataiku Enterprise Edition
    Deployed: May 2021
    Adopted “Dataiku” to optimize data aggregation and analysis work in the back office department


    Industry: Chemical manufacturer
    Product: Dataiku Business Edition
    Deployed: February 2021

    Press Release



    Selected data science & machine learning AI platform “Dataiku” for integrated factory optimization efforts from systemization to operation

    Case Studies


    pdf, 5.26MB

    Using “Dataiku” to train personnel with domain knowledge, the company is promoting factory automation using AI. As one of its efforts, the company streamlined the operation of a continuous drying facility at a resin plant, achieving a major man-hour reduction.

Print Management

Printer management solution
for challenges in remote printing via the cloud and virtual environment

ScrewDriversCASE STUDY

  • Nikkei Logistics Co., Ltd.

    Industry: Trucking and Haulage
    Deployment of ScrewDrivers resolved delays in printing and reduction in process steps, at the time several remotely located servers were integrated into a central server

  • SC Systems Co., Ltd.

    Industry: Information and Communication
    The use of ScrewDrivers dramatically reduced help desk calls for printing problems from users of services provided by SC Systems

  • Nihon Jyoho Create Co., Ltd.

    Industry: Information Services
    Deployed in: Cloud Service Rental Revolution Cloud version
    Printing speed for Rental Revolution cloud service was greatly improved by the introduction of virtual printer driver ScrewDrivers

Print Management

Optimum central printer management solution for network environment with thin clients

Simplify PrintingCASE STUDY

  • Resona Co., Ltd.

    Industry: Software and Information processing

    Resona, a specialist in system development for health care, medical and care applications, provides electronic patient data systems for hospitals, where previously staff were having to physically go to the room with the PC in order to print a document.
  • KDDI Deutschland GmbH

    Industry: Information & Communication
    Resolved printing issues in a centrally managed RDS environment
    Greatly reduced operation load on help desk, and improved general worker productivity

Cloud Encryption

Searchable and sort-enabled cloud data encryption library


  • NTT TechnoCross Corporation (formerly NTT Software Co., Ltd., at the time of interview)

    Industry: Information Services
    Deployed in: TrustBind®/Secure Gateway
    Encryption of data and electronic files saved on a cloud service
    WISE Encrypt’s encryption feature deployed on TrustBind®/Secure Gateway, a cloud security platform linked to Salesforce

  • NTT TechnoCross Corporation (formerly NTT Software Co., Ltd., at the time of interview)

    Industry: Information Services
    Deployed in: TrustBind®/Tokenization
    WISE Encrypt’s Tokenizer Library deployed in TrustBind®/Tokenizer, a security enhancement product for protection of data saved on the cloud

  • FUJITSU LIMITED (formerly Fujitsu Systems West Limited)

    Industry: Information Services
    Deployed in: Fujitsu Business Application NESTGate
    Collaboration with Fujitsu Systems West Limited to create a privacy solution for the cloud, using WISE Encrypt, the searchable encryption library
    Improved the security of cloud storage of important data such as My Number

Remote Working

Unified communication system realizing business communication services such as emails and VOIP deployed from a single server

CommuniGate ProCASE STUDY

  • Apaman Network Co., Ltd.

    Industry: Real Estate
    Scale: 1,500 accounts
    In addition to using the mail server, they are using the mail forwarding and alias function

Remote Working

Remote access service,
enabling fast, easy and safe remote working, no matter where you are and when

AnyClutch RemoteCASE STUDY


    Industry: Food manufacturing
    Scale: 541 accounts
    Deployed: May 2015
    Introducing teleworking with “AnyClutch Remote” to achieve work-life management

  • ITX Corporation

    Industry: Information Services
    Scale: 300 accounts
    Remote desktop service, chosen by ITX known for its strict governance of security policies


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