Email Auditing – a bit of a handful?

Email Security
Email Security

High speed search at 10 million emails per second
Email Archiving and Auditing Solution with proven deployment records in many large organizations

Email Security
Email Security

High speed search at 10 million emails per second
Email Archiving and Auditing solution with proven deployment records in many large organizations


In a survey of the Email Archiving Market by two companies No.1 in Sales!

・Deloitte Tohmatsu MIC Research Institute (11th consecutive year)
・ITR(3rd consecutive year)

*1 ‘Current Status and Future Prospects of the Internal Threat Countermeasure Solution Market, 2022 Edition’ Deloitte Tohmatsu MIC Research Institute Ltd., published January 2022
*2 ‘ITR Market View:Information leakage countermeasure market2023 Mail archiving market:Share of sales by vendor(FY 2019-2021)’ ITR Corporation

2020 version! Learn more about “actually used email audit keywords”(Japanese page)

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How to use the archived Email

Email Archiving - Essentials

~ Supports enterprises avert 5 biggest risks ~
The five major risks that threaten the core of enterprises are emailing errors and intentional information leak to external parties, cartel, corruption, fraudulent accounting and data tampering. Aversion of risk can be ensured by monitoring and auditing during normal times and at times security events occur. In the event of an audit or litigation requiring further investigation, the court may order email records and information to be disclosed.
An Email Archiving and Filtering System can assist you in the following scenarios:

* Avoid information leak from emails
* Monitor fraudulent behavior routinely and prevent security incidents
* Respond swiftly to security audits and to requests for disclosure of information required by the court (eDiscovery)
* Utilize as action for business continuation plan (BCP) and cloud email backups

WISE Audit is an email archiving and auditing solution designed to address the five major risks that enterprises face. It is equipped with a filtering function for the prevention of emailing errors and information leak, and an archiving function enabled with high-speed search which is effective for monitoring and auditing as well as for disclosure of information when requested as part of a court procedure.
Approximately 1,150 companies, with 3 million users rely on WISE Audit (as of March 2022).

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Three Key Strengths of WISE Audit, AIR`s Email Archiving and Auditing Solution

WISE Audit – Essentials

WISE Audit – Product Details

WISE Audit is an email archiving and auditing solution that manages some of enterprises’ most valuable information assets – emails sent and received. The solution archives and stores emails and improves the efficiency of routine and emergency email audits.
The product has a filtering function also, so that it is effective in preventing emails sent externally in error, thus halting potential information leak.

Operation Environment

<Supports many emailing environments including Exchange Server and Microsoft 365>

WISE Audit can be deployed without any change to your existing server configuration. Not only can it archive emails from your on-premise servers, but also from the cloud, via Exchange Server, HCL Domino, Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace.

eDiscovery Event Outlines

<Optimized for auditing with high speed search in Japanese environment>

WISE Audit has an excellent search capability for Japanese language, at a speed of 10 million emails per second. It can perform email auditing for a Japanese company correctly, quickly and smoothly. It solves the challenges many companies face, for example, where email archiving in itself may be in place, but searches are taking too long and hold up the auditing process; searching in Japanese cannot be performed correctly and doesn’t hit the emails needed for evidence, etc, etc… In addition, it comes with eDiscovery function, equipped to deal with international court cases, allowing it to act as your superior auditing solution that reduces emergency risks to a minimum.
Note: e-Discovery: Request for information in electronic format in US civil legal proceedings

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<Deployment track record boasting a long list of companies>

WISE Audit has proven strength in large scale, long term deployments, such as with NEC (150,000 users) and many other large enterprises.

WAU Logo Case Study

Pricing and Licensing

<Pricing and Licensing Models>

Example: WISE Audit Single Model (annual)
up to 500 users with an Archive + Filter license set: JPY1,200,000

WISE Audit Outlines

WISE Audit Outlines
1 Take email backups from Cloud servers

WISE Audit enables you to manage archiving in-house and prepare for email audits at any time

WISE Audit can work with on-premise systems as well as cloud systems (e.g. Google Workspace, Microsoft 365). (Hybrid mode). You will be able to manage urgent backups when needed, in-house.
You will be able to centralize your email audits, as WISE Audit can archive from mixed on-premise/cloud environments and from multiple cloud services (for example, from both Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace).

2 Multi-tenant support for SaaS Services

WISE Audit supports ASP/SaaS operations, central management of email archiving for a group of companies in a multi-tenanted environment.

WISE Audit comes with a Multi-Model feature that is useful for ASP and SaaS providers to support archiving and auditing functions for their customers.
The Multi-Model feature enables central management of configuration and maintenance for all tenants within the system from a single tool, helping the service provider manage the entire system easily. It also provides a Flexible Retention Period (FRP) feature for archiving that can be set separately for each tenant. The Multi-Model feature can also be used to manage the archival systems of a group of companies from a single point. It has a feature called Integrated Operation and Management for Enterprise Groups, that allows the parent company to manage the multifarious configurations across all tenants (companies in the group).

3 Effective BCP / Recover your email in the event of a disaster

WISE Audit protects your valuable information asset in its email data archive, for long periods of time. Its Personal Search Option (PSO) allows you to search and recover your emails yourself from the archive, thus reducing the load on the system administrator.

4 Emailing Error Prevention by high speed filtering

Prior to sending an email externally, the address, body text and attachments can be checked. You can also configure a conditional enforcement rule to forward emails to the sender’s manager. WISE Audit employs an advanced processing technology capable of filtering at high speed even when there are many keywords.

5 Email Auditing Feature / from routine monitoring to emergency tracking

WISE Audit provides the feature to monitor and audit archived emails by default. By performing Routine Monitoring, you can detect any irregularities before they come to light. For example, you may be able to detect a suspected price cartel at an early stage and take action to minimize damage.

<Routine Compliance Monitoring and Auditing>
WISE Audit\`s email correlation mapping function visualizes the senders and receivers in an email thread, to help find relevant emails with its high speed archive search function. Furthermore, WISE Audit\`s One Time Permission Function allows temporary access for external and internal auditors to search your archive, thus achieving greater auditing efficiency. It is enabled to monitor and audit emails of employees who are about to leave the company, as well as those who have left.
eDiscovery (disclosure of electronic information) is a part of the procedures in the US civil court, where emails and other data related to the parties involved in a civil case may be requested to be disclosed. As non-compliance may lead to sanctions and other disadvantageous consequences, it would be in your best interest to be prepared by setting up a system that can audit and extract the required data quickly, in case an eDiscovery request is made.

<Integrity of Evidence and Incident Tracking>
WISE Audit provides a feature that can efficiently perform various auditing tasks, including searching and extracting emails according to the specific requirements of an eDiscovery request, and securing the integrity of data as evidence. It also provides a Litigation Hold Function that can hold archived emails for a specific, configurable period of time, as soon as you have knowledge that a court case is expected.

<Archiving and Auditing with Exchange Server and HCL Domino>
In environments where Microsoft Exchange Server and HCL Domino systems are deployed, WISE Audit makes use of their journal function to import and archive emails sent and received. The configuration will allow the storage of all email data from all users via the general journal import, but another means such as an email archiving system will be needed to search and extract specific emails from the journal.
By leveraging a specialized email archiving and auditing system such as WISE Audit, you will be able to perform routine monitoring to detect any irregularities and conduct various auditing tasks to search and extract data in response to an eDiscovery request. In summary, WISE Audit will bring efficiency and facility to the work of your organization`s audit department.

6Audit Teams chat and channel messagesNEW!

WISE Audit also provides the feature to audit the messages of Microsoft Teams used by many companies. You can search, extract, and audit not only Emails but also Teams chat and channel messages. It is efficient audits in emergencies and normal times enable early detection of signs of fraud.

Let’s know the role and trends of corporate risk measures!

“I’m worried about how to deal with the five major risks of a company.”
“I want to know the role of internal audit and recent trends.”

In response to these concerns, we held a webinar on corporate risk. What is the role of internal audit? What is the effect of risk monitoring? In addition to themes such as , the panel discussion also delves into interesting topics such as the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on corporate risk.

Click here for webinar archive videos and lecture materials

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Email Archiving – Questions?

“What’s the difference between email archiving and email backups?”
“There couldn’t be many companies who perform email archiving, surely?”

We created a special page so that you can find out all about email archiving systems, from basic functions to applications.
We update it frequently. Check it out now!


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